Union’s speech major could possibly be one of the very best things you could do for your career or personal life.  In every field and in every endeavor in life you will eventually be called upon to make your ideas known and this major will equip you for that because of the great hands on experience that you receive here.  A speech major at Union prepares you for graduate programs in law, business, divinity, and the arts and sciences.  Some of the careers we see our graduates go into include business and industry, politics, speechwriting and consulting, performing arts, writing, teaching, and sales.

Major Requirements: Major in Speech—39 hours

A.COM 112, 211, 218, and 235—12 hours

B. COM 311, 320, 325, 416, and 417—15 hours

C. PHL 345, BLAW 421, and 6 hours COM Electives—12 hours

Minor Requirements: Minor in Speech—21 hours

A. COM 112, 211, 218, 235, 417—15 hours

B. Select 2 from: COM 311, 320, 325, 416; BLAW421—6 hours

COM 112. Public Communication

An oral communication skills course that emphasizes organizing thoughts, adapting messages to specific audiences, using language correctly, delivering messages verbally and nonverbally with confidence, and active listening and evaluation skills. Credit Hours: 3. Offered in the Fall, Spring, Winter, and Summer.

COM 211 Voice and Diction (3) F

 Study and development of the voice with exercises in articulation and pronunciation. Seeks to evaluate vocal weaknesses and provide students with the tools to improve their voices. A special unit emphasizes improving regionalisms and southern dialect. Credit hours: 3. Offered in the Fall.

COM 218 Argumentation and Debate (3) F

 An oral communication class that seeks to assist the student in developing a critical mind and verbal acumen through researching, analyzing, and developing sound arguments for and rebuttals to various issues; and viewing and participating in various forms of educational debate. Includes parliamentary procedure. Credit hours: 3. Offered in the Fall.

COM 235 Interpersonal Communication (3) F,W,S,Su

 Identify communication problems in interpersonal relationships including ethical communication, self- disclosure, perception, interviewing, conflict management, verbal and nonverbal communication. The student will exhibit competent language skills through oral reports, working in dyads and small groups, and class simulations. Credit hours: 3. Offered in the Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer.

COM 311 Oral Interpretation of Literature (3) F- Even Years

 Analysis, adoption, and staging of various literary genres for solo and ensemble performance including techniques for Reader’s Theatre staging and performances before an audience. Credit hours: 3. Offered in the Fall of the even years.

COM 320 Organizational Communication (3) F

 Organizational structure, communication networks, and employer-employee relationships. Emphasis: conducting interviews and performance appraisals, decision-making strategies, ethics, team-building, and the communication audit. Credit hours: 3. Offered in the Fall.

COM 325 Communication Training & Development (3) S

 An interactive experience emphasizing the process by which organizations help managers and employees improve performance and increase job satisfaction. Credit hours: 3. Offered in the Spring.

COM 416 Persuasion (3) F

 A study of theories, strategies, and applications relating to persuasion. Students examine rhetorical address, advertising, public relations, interpersonal communication, and political communication. Topics include language, ethics, audience-analysis, imagery, culture, reasoning, credibility, and motivation. Credit hours: 3. Offered in the Fall.

COM 417 Advanced Public Speaking (3) S-Even Years

 Prerequisite: COM 112 or 235 An oral communication skills course that teaches advanced public speaking skills including impromptu and manuscript speeches, speaking while using technology, speech writing, and special occasion speeches. Rhetorical criticism, critical thinking, and verbal fluidity are also covered. Credit hours: 3. Offered in the Spring of even years.

PHL 345 Logic (3) S-Odd Years

 Examination of methods of critical thinking with attention given to the Socratic method, inductive and deductive reasoning, and the identification of logical fallacies. Credit hours: 3. Offered in the Spring of odd years.

BLAW 421 Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

 This course covers topics designed to develop students’ ability to negotiate effectively and improve their ability to develop a strategic plan for effective negotiations.